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The Long Road – My Angel Story

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Long Road ~ My Angel Story
I have had Ovarian Cancer and then been diagnosed with Acute
Transverse Myelitis and was paralyzed. We are raising our 3 year old
granddaughter. My husband has recently been diagnosed with Melanoma.
Through all of these trials I have had many angels in my life, there
is a very special Angel, Lina, who gave me the beautiful angel pendant. She
always seems to know when I am need of a friend and is always there
even with her own health issues. I have long tried to pay it forward
and give back some of the wonderful things that have been done for me.
Praise God for all the angels that are with us every day!!

Georgina, Toronto

A Soldier’s Angel – With Me Always

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“A Soldiers Story of Love and the Power of an Angel Pendant” by Katherine

Deployment was hard for both of us, but my boyfriend did everything he could to make things easier for me. I couldn’t have asked for a better Army boyfriend. He called as often as he could, and would message me every second he could spare. He always told me I was an Angel. I told him I was HIS Angel. His Soldier’s Angel.

He sent me many gifts, but this one gift was very special to me.

A Soldier's Angel

My birthday was coming up, and of course, he wouldn’t be there. A while back he told me he was going to ask me three questions that had to do with my birthday present. I never figured out what those were. It was a week or so before my birthday and I got an envelope from Canada. I was very confused because I didn’t know who, or what it was. I sat on the back porch of my house and opened it. First, I was still confused, somewhat freaked out. Then as I further inspected, I saw the Angel Pendant and immediately knew who it was from. I started crying. I messaged him right then thanking him so much. I was surprised at his response. He was kind of mad, and told me that I had promised to wait until my birthday. I explained I didn’t know what it was, but I was very sorry. He quickly forgave me and we discussed how beautiful it was.

Ever since, I have worn it everyday. “As long as you wear it I will always be with you,” he told me. And it was true. I could feel him with me all the time. I never thought something so simple would mean so much to me. Now every time I look at it, I think of a million memories, and know he is always in my heart, and every time someone asks me where I got it, I say from my sweet sweet angel.      Thank you from my Sweet Soldier, Katherine

Mothers are Angels ~ Winners of the Angel for Mom Contest

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Mothers are Angels

I would like to thank everyone for submitting your “Angel” Mother story
during our Mother’s Day Contest. I enjoyed hearing from you and reading
about the wonderful Mom in your life.

We awarded three Angel Necklaces this year and I want to say it was nearly
impossible to choose between all the stories we received.  In our hearts
you were and are a winner and I am so pleased that you shared your story
with us.   Thank you so much for being part of our Angel Story!
Stan W Tait  May 16th 2013

The winning Angel Mom Stories in no particular order

Name: Clare M. United Kingdom, England:  My mum inspires me and throughout 
the years I see how she inspires others. My Mum is a humble, hard working and caring lady. 
At times, it's not returned but she never gives up on me or a stranger in the street. She helps
people find a home, learn how to be independent and be a good neighbour to
others. She has numerous voluntary roles and helps ex-service men and women
live a comfortable and fulfilling life. For myself, it's inspiring and a gift I
share with my children. To give people a chance, to understand the hardships of
life, but not to give in to them. Sometimes I think my Mum does too much, but
it's how she brings hope to me and others. I believe in Angels and I believe my
Mum is one, now and forever. I would love to give this angel pendant to her, to
remind her of her gifts and thank her for never giving up on me or the many
people that she helps.

Name: Jasper M. (aged 7), United Kingdom:  My mum is an angel because she helps 
me when I am hurt. I love my mum because she loves me too. 

Name: Penny B. PEI Canada:  If you ask me, Mothers are all Angels. First of all, Moms
teach you how to love,  how to forgive, how to be a proper lady, how to look after your family 
and home. How to cook, and give unconditional love, no matter what. I Love My Mom. 
I do not no what I would do without her. Your Loving Daughter. Penny. Hugs.

In turn, many of you responded with loving thoughs about the winners and their Mom’s even if they did not win!  Thank you for sharing!

Thank you so much for the chance for me to share how my mom has touched my life and so many others.  You have truly blessed me. Blessings, Geneva


Is Your MOM an Angel? Win a Pendant for Mom today

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May 12th is Mother’s Day and we would like to hear from you as to why your Mom is or was the “Angel” in your life.  Simply join us on join us on Facebook at to enter.  Hurray contest closes soon!

Entries will be received from April 1, 2013 to April 28, 2013. On April 29, 2013 we will post the top 10 entries onto the Angel Pendant website.  The top ten entries will be chosen by Stan Tait, the creator of The Angel Pendant.  From those top 10 we are inviting all our Facebook Fans to choose their favorite entries. The top three entries will each receive a free Large Angel Pendant for themselves or for their Mom.


The Perfect Gift for My Mom for Christmas

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Hello Stan, Here is my story. “I ordered the Small Angel Pendant for my Mom for Christmas, when she opened the little box, she looked at me and asked why I had chosen this particular pendant. I replied simply that it meant that I loved her. I think every gift you give, should be special and well thought out for everyone, not just some random present you found in a store, and I thank you deeply for providing the perfect gift for my Mom this Christmas! Cheers! :)”  JF Rondeau, Quebec Canada.

And his Mom’s reply: “Merci pour ce beau cadeau! D’autant plus que c’est pour une bonne cause! Merci xxx” (Translation: Thank you for this beautiful present! Especially since it is for a good reason! Thank you xxx Thank you xxx !)  L. Huberdeau, Quebec Canada


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