Modern Day Angel of Mercy~ Winner of the Large Angel Pendant

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I would like to send an Angel Pendant to Anne Marie O’Neill Batten Anne-Marie is a modern day Angel of mercy on the streets of Toronto. She grew up in a tiny village just north of mine, and has been called to stand up for the marginalized in our society, not just working as a street nurse, but also in her off-hours putting in countless hours doing outreach. Her work is inspirational and I would like her to have an Angel Pendant as she does her rounds and ministers to the needs of seniors, the poor and homeless.

Anne -Marie spent the day today with Mark Horvath of distributing winter survival kits to people who were sleeping on grates of downtown Toronto.

Suzanne Sholer, Omemee, ON

Anne Marie O’Neil Batten was selected to win a Large Angel Pendant for her tireless devotion to those who need a Guardian Angel by their side, the homeless and those living in poverty.

“Thank you Sue and Suzanne! You are both very kind. There are many of us out there both on the frontline and advocating for change. We believe that everyone should have a right to a home. I am so honoured how you have taken such an interest in this work and have helped to advocate for us. Being recognized like this means a lot to me. ♥” Anne Marie O’Neill Batten, Toronto


  1. Suzanne
    December 12, 2011

    Thank you so much Stan and Sue for giving me the opportunity to share Anne-Marie’s work with you. What she does day in and day out, is a constant inspiration to me. I am so pleased you chose to recognize Anne-Marie for the work and volunteering she does. Anne-Marie truly is a guardian angel in her ministrations to the marginalised of our society. I am pleased she will be able to have one of your beautiful angel pendants with her as she goes through her days and nights bringing comfort to others.

    Thank you also for the special prayers you say as you create these lovely symbols of God’s love to share with others. I pray that you will be blessed ten-fold for all each of you does in making our world a better place. ~ Suzanne Sholer

  2. Stan and Sue Tait
    December 12, 2011

    Thank you Suzanne for sharing her story and the work she does! We are blessed to have such a supportive community who truly believes in the power of kindness and the tireless devotion to doing good in the world. Many Angel Blessings to you and the many others who are giving of themselves to benefit others. Stan and Sue Tait

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